Monday, July 16, 2007


Am I the only person that feels like Miss New Jersey was asking for it with those “stolen” pictures?? How come no one has said “hey dumb-dumb, you post pictures (or anything else) on the internet, it’s OUT THERE! Just because you set a page to private doesn’t mean people can’t see them. Um hello, the people with a password can still see them! And please, like its too hard to hack into anything these days, look at how many times people are hacking into Paris’ phone or Lindsay Lohan’s MySpace, this shit happens.

I feel like this is all a publicity attempt though, first of all, her platform is Internet Safety for kids. Now as someone who chooses this platform wouldn’t a modicum of internet savviness be a prerequisite??? Like, um, knowing that anyone can find out anything about you on the FUCKING INTERNET SO STOP MAKING IT EASIER BY POSTING STUPID NON-SEXY PICTURES???

And now she’s all embarrassed and shit and she goes on the Today Show and not surprisingly she’s kind of a moron (she is from Jersey). How does she go on TV and show a picture of her boyfriend biting her breast and her caption is “but he’s really intelligent”. WTF does that mean? I think we can rest easy that she’s not hatching a more complicated scheme to get attention. I think we’ve hit maximum brain power here.

And finally, the *ransom* demand. No one knows who is behind this which is odd because I can’t imagine a rocket scientist was behind this lame attempt at bribery (she has to give up her crown or else they go public?!) and if they do find out who did this I bet it’ll be because the person behind it was laughing their ass off in a bar and spills the beans. But seriously, something tells me this is going to be as fruitful a search as OJ’s search for Nicole and Ron’s killer.

In conclusion, just like OJ, SHE DID IT.
ps, is anyone else also bothered by how self serving her *message* has been lately? Oh poor me, don't be like me, I'm a victim. UGH, just die already.

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