Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've noticed through SiteMeter that I have like 3 readers and I'm pretty positive that all 3 of those readers are me. So in a sad, desperate, vain attempt to gain some audience on this blog, starting today, I am hosting a contest every day, YAY! Some* of you may have noticed that the titles of my blog postings (including this posting) have been lines from movies or tv shows. So going forward I am hosting a contest where if you guess the right movie, book, tv show or song on a posting you will win a fabulous** prize!!

Now the rules:

1. You must enter the name of the movie, book, tv show or song that you think the title comes from in the comments section*** in addition to your email address so I can find you to deliver said fabulous prize.
2. The first person with the correct answer will win the aforementioned fabulous prize.
3. You can enter for each posting, if there are 5 postings and you win all 5 then you get 5 FABULOUS prizes!
4. No fat chicks. Just kidding. Kind of.

So have fun, enjoy the rants and most importantly, tell your friends to read every day for their chance to win a fabulous prize! Note, since I have no readers, let alone sponsors willing to send me swag, the fabulous prize will consist of a item that I manage to steal, shoplift, pickpocket, swipe****, etc. I will post the answers along with the winners names the following day and maybe a monthly Hall of Winners post or something, I'm not sure, it depends on how much work that is.

*Some, meaning just me
**fabulous prize not guaranteed to be fabulous
***yes, the comments section, comments are love
**** is in no way responsible for any legal ramifications stemming from the acceptance of a fabulous prize. But seriously, ,it's not like you're getting an iPhone or something, that shit I keep for myself. You'll get whatever I can I fit in my pocket.


Anonymous said...

I check your blog almost daily. A rant a day keeps me from biting the head off some unsuspecting person at my office.

Anonymous said...

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p&k said...

thank you anonymous, but let's not downplay the cathartic properties of abusing a co-worker. I myself have been known to make a co-worker cry and while its not pretty to look at, it is pretty amazing how it makes you feel after!

p&k said...

Movie: Waking Ned Devine