Friday, July 06, 2007


Ugh, why am I seeing things like “Paris served more time than Scooter Libby will” and “Nicole Ritchie could serve 5 days in jail, why was Paris’ sentence longer” and its like “enough already!”. Doesn’t this lazy, entitled, useless, no-selling waste of space take up enough of our thoughts and time?! Now we’re going to fucking idolize her as the Nelson Mandela of our time? Like she’s the fucking Gandhi (not fucking Gandhi, but like fucking Gandhi, oh forget it!) of our generation?! Give me a fucking break, send this bitch back to her shitty “mansion” in Hollywood and leave us alone. I can’t take her fucking busted up wonky face, or her baby doll voice or her stupid "thoughts from jail" any longer. Consider this your warning Paris, if I see you, I will get you and make you pay for being you.

UPDATE: Ok this is ridiculous, I just noticed on my Hotmail inbox, where it shows you how much space you are using it says "Supersize your Inbox - Thats Hot!". this is just too much, now companies are actually using her phrases from 3 years ago to market email inboxes?! What kind of world is this?! I'm so shooting something right now.

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