Monday, July 23, 2007


I was reading UsWeekly on the train today and there was this lame article about Paula Abdul and her new boyfriend and there was a line in there about how her dogs have accepted him, inferring that if her dogs like him, he's a decent guy and Paula should drug and marry him ASAP (and televise it, of course). I know that I've seen this before about other people and I'd like to just clarify this way of thinking. I have a dog, so I think I am speaking from a pretty good place when I say that yes, using your dog can be a test in dating, however, it's not to see if the dog will get along with the man, it's to see how the man gets along with your dog! I don't buy into this whole "dogs are prescient" bullshit, I know tons of dogs that if a psycho came into your house and brought it a steak, it'd lick his hand and go to town on the steak. I have to yet to see a dog ignore a steak or even a squeaky toy to attack someone robbing you, let alone start barking out messages that the guy you're currently sleeping with is a "bad guy". Can we just let dogs be dogs instead of using them as another lame and pathetic dating ritual?

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