Sunday, November 12, 2006


My neighbor is such a pain in the ass! I usually don't see her because she travels to Africa or Jamaica or somewhere, for months at a time, teaching forms of birth control or some shit, but when she is here, she always has some lame comment like "can you take your umbrella inside, I think it's dry", or "are those your shoes outside your door" (like who elses would they fucking belong to??) or "I think your cable guy disconnected my line". I mean who gives a shit, then just call them, wtf do you want me to do? Anyway today she's like "did your friend give you my message?" ("Friend" being my dogs pet sitter that stayed here when I was away.) "No" I said. "What's the message?" She wants me to move my tv that is in the hallway off the little table because that's her sewing table. The same table that's been in the hallway for like 6 months!! And the tv is like some 13 inch thing, it barely weighs anything, she can fucking move it if she wants to sew so fucking badly. Anyway it just totally annoyed me, and then she started in about how if I didn't want the tv I should call the Salvation Army to pick it up, blah blah. I'm just gonna leave it next to her door for a few months, see how long it takes her to bitch about that.

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