Sunday, November 19, 2006


I used to do my laundry Sunday mornings at 7:30 because there weren't that many people there at that hour, I mean who the fuck gets up that early on a Sunday to do fucking laundry besides the woman who works there, right? WRONG!! Now there are like 10 people in there, with their fucking blankets and kids clothes and bath mats and you literally have to fight for machines and then always like 25% of the dryers are out of order so you have stand in front of the ones that are finishing - much like you do when you're waiting for a table at a restaurant and the hostess makes the mistake of pointing which group won't get up so you can get a table and you stand there glaring at them until they get the fucking hint - and even then you have to make sure you have all your stuff (quarters, dryer sheets, the wet clothes) otherwise if you move some other asshole swoops in and when you say something, they could care less because they WON. They will have clean dry clothes before you because you blinked and missed it!! Stupid, how could you have been so stupid(!) you rage at yourself and then you start all over and hope that old lady doing her grandkids laundry gets distracted by the news on tv and you can grab her dryer (what does she have to do all day anyway, right?!)

So now I started going on Saturday mornings and it was heaven because NO ONE is in there, even the lady that works there is usually off somewhere getting breakfast and fighting with her kids, so I can watch cartoons and read magazines and not have to worry about anyone bothering me until I leave. But recently they hired this new girl and she fucking uses ALL the machines to do the laundry that people drop off, and now I find myself fighting HER!! Doesn't she get it?? Those machines at that hour are for MY USE and only when I have got all my laundry in, can she use the remaining ones. Someone needs to school her because there are no other days I can do laundry and it's pissing me off. My only consolation is that people don't last there very long, so hopefully she'll be gone soon and I won't have to deal with this every frigging week.

PS there was a man in there today that smelled of farts so bad! He stunk up the whole place and ruined the whole "fresh from the dryer" smell for me. He also had a really bad attitude and may be keeping people locked in closets while he goes out to flirt with middle aged women because at one point he yelled at the lady he was with that "I locked Stacy in the closet to come here and hang out with you!!" (WTF, doing laundry is "hanging out" now??)

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