Thursday, January 18, 2007


In between my hard day at work today reading Gawker and TMZ and sending out my resume, I took the time to read some of the "Best of's..." on Craigslist. Now I love CL. I'm probably one of the earliest readers/users of that site, I've been addicted to the MC's for years, so I have plenty of love for that fat fuck Craig who went and sold it and got a shitload of money for it. But I have to say, I am getting really annoyed with all these people that feel they have to write a 7000 word dissertation on their neighbors/sex life/jobs/rude people etc. Its fucking CL! You write a short two sentence appeal for NSA sex on this site. Maybe a job posting if you've already rubbed one out that day. But not this shit or I don't even know WTF this is about, or even this crap, I mean who the fuck doesn't know the difference between bed buddies and one night stands, in this day and age?! If San Franciscans spent less time convincing themselves that they moved there for the internet bubble and not the gay sex, maybe they would have caught on to these "definitions" a few years ago. Thanks Mr. Day Late and Dollar Short. Or this assclown, hey fuckface, by taking the time to write and post this UNFUNNY and completely unoriginal list of annoying people on CL YOU have turned into 'AN ANNOYING PERSON ON CL". Congrats cock. Lets bring CL back to the sex freaks and crap like this, save your shitty writing for your own blog.

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