Tuesday, January 09, 2007


You know I think people are on this planet for the sole reason to disappoint others. I know that sounds really cynical and I will be the first to say I have a jaded view on things, but really. Almost every time I think someone will fail me, they do. And sometimes spectacularly. But lets take for instance this most recent disappointment. I started seeing this guy a few weeks ago that I met through friends and he seemed great, in fact good enough to become my main source of dates. Nice guy, good sense of humor, good looking, smart, good job, likes dogs, seemed to like me(!). And so it goes, we go out a bunch of times and its all good. At some point we talk about match.com and he says he used to have a profile on match and blah blah, whatever and then one day he emails my profile from his and when I went to email it back, his profile was down and he told me that he doesn't use it anymore. So a few more weeks go by and today what do I see during my routine cyber-stalking of everyone I ever came into contact with in my life, but his profile. On match. Active within 24 hours. UGH. So what am I to think of all this? He starts dating me, profile down. He gets to know me, profile up. I don't see any other conclusion than the obvious. So what do I do? Obviously he's dropped a few pegs on my list, but to be quite honest, the list isn't very competitive. I'm torn between jokingly dropping the fact that I know its up, which would potentially make me sound insecure and needy (and duh, a stalker!) or not saying anything at all and pretending I don't know, and hope that he doesn't meet anyone less annoying than me. What do you think? Any other conclusions I can come to? I toyed with the idea of putting up a fake profile to see if he's really looking but it just seems like too much work for someone I just started dating 2 months ago. Did I ever mention that I am lazy? I'm lazy.


Jemi said...

i wouldn't say anything about it being back up but i would put a up a fake profile just to see if he's looking because i'm psycho like that (only if i really like him) ha!

p&k said...

yeah that's the thing, i'm not attached yet, but i have that "woman scorned" feeling and since i am a vengeful person by nature and i also like to fuck with people, i might do it just for the entertainment value. You'll know if i do it!