Monday, January 08, 2007


I know I bitch about this all the time but really I do work with the most annoying people. Like the girl that over-enunciates every word. Or the guy that will most likely date rape you and then tell the guys about it the next day in the bathroom. Or the cow that looks like a pig and is always trying to get you in trouble behind your back. Or the guy that is bald and pale and a complete dick and is having an affair with the girl that will sleep with anyone and then thinks no one judges her for it. Or the guy that is so hyper he can't sit/stand still. Or the foreign guy who is so foreign and who's accent is so weird, that no one knows his nationality. Or the girl who wears sweater dresses. I don't know if that is weird, I just don't like sweater dresses, they're really not flattering. I don't know, I basically spend my day trying to not make eye contact with these people but it's getting harder and harder. I mean I have to be polite and professional but I really just want to tell them all to go fuck off and bore someone else to death.

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