Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I’ve been utilizing the “free” wifi from somewhere in my building the past year or so, because, well because it was there and that shits expensive and if you aren’t smart enough to protect your connection then you deserve to get hop-ons. But last night it went down. This is bad because it potentially means 1. I have to patch things up with time warner cable 2. I have to get one of those data cards that enable you to have internet access anywhere, or 3. I have to start doing my blog entries from work. All of these have their downfall. If I patch things up with time warner then essentially they win. I have to get cable again and suck it up and get financially raped every month for crappy service and obnoxious phone support. But then I hear those data cards are costly, plus my computer at home is not all that current, I’m not sure it will even support one. And I can’t blog from work because I’ll get found out and fired and that will be the end of EVERYTHING. I’ve never been fired from a job (well except for that pennysaver route I had when I was 11 and instead of putting together new pennysavers, I just delivered the leftovers from the week before. I can’t believe so many people would have the time to call in and complain about that, it’s a fucking free service! Cocksuckers.) Anyhoo, I’ll see what its like when I get home tonight, maybe it was just a temporary thing.

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