Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My younger brother just got engaged to his beastly girlfriend. I went home last weekend or the one before so my family could take me out to dinner for my birthday but what it really was was some kind of cheer up intervention. My mom actually told me "don't worry, it will happen for you" and also "when your time comes, the man will have to ask my older brother for my "hand" since he's the oldest male figure in the family now." Is she fucking HIGH?? First of all, what the fuck am I supposed to be worried about? And please, when it does happen, there will be no time for niceties such as asking for my hand in marriage. Those roophies wear off pretty quick, we'll have to get to vegas and get the deed done before he wakes up and realizes what is happening, no time for side trips to LI for formalities!! So this was pre-engagement talk. Now that he actually got engaged (this past weekend) I'm getting the "do you want me to bring you some wedding magazines too?". WTFUCKINGF?! They've set the date for 9/2008, I won't be able to take almost two years of this bullshit, two years of "do you want to start acquiring china for your wedding?" or "do you want to look at the destination weddings catalogue?" or "are you sure you arent getting drunk when you go out? You know men don't like drunk women." These two better elope or break up or something, if they stay on this course, my mothers focus will constantly be on the fact that I am disappointing her.

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