Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have this friend who is moving back to NY from the west coast and she is just so fucking negative and whiny about everything! EVERYTHING is a problem with her and her complaints range from:

"Do you think my boss will be mad at me when I give my notice?" to "my landlord is doing an open house on my apartment WHILE I AM STILL IN IT!" to "what if someone gives me a bad reference and they rescind their job offer?" to "I can't live on the Upper East Side because my sister lives there" to "Why does so and so have to talk so loudly on the phone?"

Ok, that last one annoys me too, I hate phone convo sharers, but you get the idea.

When I try to calm her down or be the voice of reason or just change the subject, she gets all huffy and shirty like "well I've done this and this and this has never happened..." and its like yeah but you did all that like 5 years ago!! THINGS FUCKING CHANGE! I've tried to be understanding and patient with her, I've tried counseling her through her issues, I've tried "putting myself in her shoes" but I just can't do it anymore. I've never met anyone with more neuroses and issues and problems and fucking useless complaints, in my life!!

She's driving me insane and at this point I don't even want to see her when she finally gets to NY because I can't take this fucking useless drama. I just have no tolerance for this shit anymore. Is it ok to say "enough is enough"? Do I just let it go? The thing is, she's got like two more months of serious complaining to do as she still hasn't packed up her shit, still hasn't moved out of her apt, still hasn't found an apt in NYC yet; let alone moved into one, still hasn't told all her friends and co-workers, still hasn't booked a ticket to NY.... I don't think I have the strength for this, I mean I have own fucking issues to deal with and this is EXHAUSTING! Am I the only person with friends like this?!?!?!

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