Thursday, May 03, 2007


I just had the best idea for a reality show. It'll be called "Celebrity Reality Check" and basically what happens is that when a celebrity gets really out of control or so completely fucking annoying, they get a "reality check". Now it can happen in all different ways, for example with Britney Spears, we'll get a really intimidating woman to force her to stay in and wear clothes and work out and be a mother to her kids and put out a decent album so we can all fall in love with her again and if she doesn't conform then the woman will tie her up and lock her in a closet. Or beat her with her bare fists, whatever she deems appropriate. Or all those anorexic weirdo girls, put them all in a house and force feed them for a month and if they rebel or throw up, they get beatings (we can get a celebrity to administer these if we need the ratings). And since these "reality checks" will last a season we'll have an extra special beatdown on each episode, like during intermission. We'll get someone like Paris Hilton and just beat her to death because I think that's what America wants. I think these intermission beatdowns will be highly coveted so we'll have a raffle or eBay it, to see who gets to be the one to administer them, we can give that money to charity so we look like humanitarians. I really think I have something here. And it can go forever because we have an endless supply of douchetards and emo freaks and losers. OMG, $$KA-CHING$$

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