Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I really hate when people use the word “special” to describe things that we all know are mundane, general and overwhelmingly boring. Like “nails on a blackboard” hate. For instance when people say “our relationship is special” or “my children are special” and then last night on some lenscrafters or pearlvision commercial “these are special glasses”. What’s this crap now?! Has the whole world gone fucking gay?

I went to dictionary.com to find some synonyms for “special” because I thought maybe the meaning changed since the last time I read the dictionary, but no; see as follows: singular. Special, particular, specific refer to something pointed out for attention and consideration. Special means given unusual treatment because of being uncommon: a special sense of a word. Particular implies something selected from the others of its kind and set off from them for attention: a particular variety of orchid. Specific implies plain and unambiguous indication of a particular instance, example, etc.: a specific instance of cowardice.

I can’t see how people can continue to use the word “special” in the way they are using it now, knowing what we now know! No wonder our kids are so stupid, we can’t even use the English language properly. In order to bring some linguistic pride to our country, I suggest we punch every person who uses this word in the wrong context, in their lady-bits. You know they have them.

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