Monday, February 19, 2007


The latest from Jet Blue is that about a quarter of their flights today were still cancelled due to the fallout from the storm last week. Apparently they aren’t bouncing back very quickly, which seems odd, it’s not like they are some dinky one plane operation. A part of me is definitely enjoying the schadenfreude, all you ever hear is “Jet Blue is so great, with their TV’s, and satellite radio…”. Blah blah, fuck you asswipe. But now all these people are crying on TV about how they have a cat at home and they hope it’s not dead, and they’ll never fly JB again. I mean give me a break. Yeah it fucking sucks that you’re stranded, trust me, I know, I’ve been stranded at airports overnight, I’ve been stuck in 3rd world countries (if you count Mexico City), I’ve been delayed 10 hours, I’ve sat on tarmacs for hours on end, I know it sucks. And I know JB fucked up at certain times, that seems obvious. But would you rather they threw you on a plane that’s still frozen and shot you into the air not sure if everything is working or would you rather they waited a day or two and got you on something that you know is safe to travel in? Come on, what’s the big deal, they don’t tell you this on TV because then you might not sympathize with these babies, but they give you free hotels, food, travel vouchers etc. They’re not making you stay in the airport, people stay there of their own volition! You can easily get a confirmed flight in a day or two and then leave the airport and go enjoy the city! Then when you finally get home you have this story to tell to EVERYONE thus securing the sympathy of all your friends and family AND you get out of work and responsibilities!! It’s a win-win!

PS, did you hear the CEO of JB? He’s “humiliated and embarrassed…” that the flights are not fully operational. A little dramatic???

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