Monday, February 26, 2007


So I’ve been noticing that the drycleaner charges me twice the price to do my ladies cotton button down shirts than they do for male cotton button down shirts. Um, WTF?! So every time I need to pick up my clothes I get into an “argument” with the lady (I’m civil but seething, but with the language barrier I don’t think she gets it) and I’m just really-really annoyed now. I mean what is the difference? She says because it’s harder to do a female’s button down but I don’t see how. The only thing I can see is that because they are smaller they have to get a different thing to press them but then what do they do with midget shirts? Does she charge a diminutive man double the price to do half the shirt?? NOOOOOO! So why the fuck do I get charged double?? This is so annoying me now, because it just seems sexist. My latest attempt to get around this has been to say that they are men’s shirts but she’s not buying it, they just change the price when I come to pick them up. FUCK.

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