Sunday, February 18, 2007


I was IM’ing a friend of mine the other day and she told me about this friend of hers who was getting married and who had set up a website for it (totally cheesy site, complete with Hawaiian music and cornball action shots of them “in love”) and on this site they listed their registries. All kind of normal things but then she starts complaining about what is on the lists and how she doesn’t like anything and she’s gonna just buy them something off the list. This bothered me to no extent because it’s not about what YOU like, it’s what THEY want. People put these registries together to avoid idiots like her buying them 4 fucking toasters. They’re not supposed to be suggested gifts. I would be really pissed if people, especially my peers, just went and got something else that I didn’t want because they don’t like the list!! I can understand old people doing it, they don’t know how to use the internet or have access to stores other than Odd Lots and 99 cent ones, so they can’t be expected to do the right thing. But my friends?! Because they don’t like my list?? How effing selfish is that?? Anyway I told her that I didn’t agree with her and we got into this “heated discussion” with me being totally annoyed at her attitude about it and her being irritated that I don’t agree with her.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I agree with you in most respects HOWEVER, what about money. I know lots of people who filled out registries but 90% of the items were way out of my league to pay for. I know you only get married once but I cannot afford to spend $20/ towel for someone for their wedding. I would rather give them $50 to spend how they like. Just my opinion.