Thursday, October 18, 2007


You know those directors chairs that movie sets have with the name of whoever the star is (or are) for them to sit in? What do they do with those chairs after the movie is wrapped? Like does Leo DiCaprio take it home with him? Or does the studio keep it? If Leo takes it home, does he have like dozens of them? Or does he bring the same one to each movie with him? If the studio keeps it, why? On the off chance that Leo will do another movie for them and they can use it again? And where do they keep them? Is there a giant warehouse of chairs with celebrity names on them??

Omg, I just blew my mind! Maybe the chairs are the same chairs and they just change the names on them? Can they do that? I always thought the names were embrodiered but maybe they can change the names so they don't have to keep buying chairs. I have to sit down for a minute.


p&k said...

btw, i found that picture after i wrote this post, its some kind of weirdness that brings leonardo dicaprio to everyone's mind, even search engines!!

Olivia Lou said...

They probably give it to the poor PA who has been working for peanuts...literally. Or maybe they just give away the back, cause you know you can just take that shit off and get a new, blank one. But what if someone is particularly gross? Like, what did they do with Michael Moore's chair?? I bet it was rank!