Thursday, March 08, 2007


The Subway commercial featuring the new Big Hot Pastrami Hero™ is so annoying. First of all, it’s on every channel like 50 fucking times a night. And the people in it, could they be more lame?? “I like mine with extra cheeeeeeese!”. Good for you Timmy, see your mom was right, functionally retarded people are good for something! Too bad it’s shilling for a sandwich shop. Hey it could be worse; you could still be getting raped by your uncle! And could it be more phallic and sexual?? It’s a fucking sandwich, but it’s called the “BIG, HOT, PASTRAMI HERO” (or maybe it’s “sandwich”). Either way, a bunch of construction men, fondling a foot long sandwich filled with meat, bragging about how “14 feet below he’s called Mr. Big, Hot Pastrami” is kind of disgusting and totally makes me hate Subway for making an innocent sandwich sleazy.

And look at that picture. After all that bragging, it's so small. Typical.


Anonymous said...

Your rants are my daily highlight.

p&k said...

That pleases me. Tell your friends!

Ramona said...

You write very well.