Monday, March 26, 2007


Today I was reading some of the comments section on citysearch, looking for a restaurant for Dine In Brooklyn week and this one restaurant had so many user generated reviews that were so ridik, that I decided to do a new segment called "Comments to the Comments". Aside from the numerous spelling and grammatical errors, here are a few that I had to highlite. In order to preserve some dignity to the original commentors(ers?) I didn't put their screennames on here, even though they had no compunction to keep it secret themselves. Anyhoo, enjoy the rage.

"Nestled away on trendy Smith Street in Brooklyn, NY, [this restaurant] stands out with the wonderful aromas of fresh sauces and the sounds of very satisfied locals. Conveniently located between the Bergan Street & Carroll Street on the F/G Line [this restaurant] offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere complete with a out door garden sheltered from the horns and sirens. Whether you roll up on a Harley or a Schwinn take a load off and warm up your taste buds to a glass of Sangria and a plate of Bruschetta."

Hey listen here faggola, its a comments section, not open mic night for wannabe writers. You're better off doing this shit on craigslist, no one gives a shit on restaurant reviews!

"Interesting menu; excellent preparation served in a cozy familial atmosphere; genuinely attentive, personable ITALIAN staff. Second time we travel from South Jersey to experience a taste of Itay. Well worth the trip!!!!!!! We'll be back!"

Are you fucking kidding me bitch?? We don't need your kind in BK, stay stinking up Jersey. Also could you be more racist, "ITALIAN staff". You dumb cunt, keep your bigoted comments to yourself.

"There are many italian places in this area. But, the PIZZA is superb here. The wait staff, all authentic italian, is wonderful and helpful with questions you may have. The best part is definately the pizza that the old italian man is working on in the back. Worth a try!"

Now it's Italians AND old men!? What's next, the jews?? Fucking bigot.

"The food was amazing. I reccomend the Pacherri w/ shredded beef and the seafood soup. The staff was very friendly, which you don't encounter often...Really the most satisfying meal I've had in NYC and I've lived here for almost 2 years."

Really?? Almost 2 WHOLE years?! My god, you must be a fucking expert then! I wish I could I follow you around in all the comments sections just to see what you, Mr. I Know What's Good Because I've Lived in NY ALMOST TWO WHOLE FUCKING YEARS, thinks about everything!!

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