Monday, March 26, 2007


Why should I care about the AIDSWalk? The money that is raised goes to the GMHC, which only benefits the tri-state area. Am I wrong in thinking if that if you live in the tri-state area and are still getting AIDS, then it's your fucking problem?? I mean in this day and age, if you're still having unprotected sex and shooting up with dirty needles, it's your problem that you are literally too stupid to live. Why should I reward your idiocy with financial donations when there are people in Africa who are dying of AIDS but have had no education/condoms/health benefits etc, to know better?? I'd rather give money to a person who got it from having sex with a monkey out in deepest Africa, than a crackhead out in Jersey. Also, are people in Africa actually having sex with monkeys? Did that ever get proven/unproven?? Anyway this whole rant came from friends of mine who are doing the AIDSWalk and are literally strong-arming me to donate with emails that start off with "Don't you care about AIDS?". And the answer is "NO". Stop annoying me.

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