Thursday, August 16, 2007


My mother is losing her mind, I just got back from a few days alone with her and trust me. Here are some examples:

Exhibit A - Cars

When driving her vehicle tends move at a pace either 20 mph less or more than everyone else. When other vehicles move slower or faster, mother tends to rant about "crazy drivers on the road".

Parking consists of always being in at least two spots at once, despite her recent ticket for doing so and her claim that "I didn't even buy anything at that store" which apparently did not work as a legal defense.

Changing lanes is done without signalling and at the most inappropriate times such as a double line or car coming in the other direction.

Exhibit B - Dining out

Arriving at a restaurant will loudly exclaim "see, its not empty" to whoever is directly behind her. If it is empty she will ask the waitstaff "why is it so dead here?".

When asked if she had made reservations she responds "I didn't think we'd have to make reservations here" with a laugh.

Loudly asks "is this fresh?" within earshot of at least 2 patrons and an employee of the restaurant.

Exhibit C - Miscellaneous

Repeats her stories over and over and over and as if she had never told it before. If she has a phone call she will repeat the entire call at least 3 times, regardless of whether you had been sitting there and heard the entire thing already.

Asks you at least 40x if the "corn is fresh" or "what time is it" or "what kind of wine goes with wine" or "how much fat is in it" or "what is the internet".

Lusting after men that are at least 30 years younger than her (EW). I think we have to get her medication checked.

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