Monday, August 20, 2007


One of my guy friends is really annoying me, I've been ignoring him for a few months because I was pissed off at him for judging me and then I randomly ran into him at an event a few weeks ago and I couldn't ignore him but now I've been blowing him off, but he's getting increasingly needy: over the weekend he sent me a text that said "wish you were here" and "missing you" and then he sent me an email this morning that was like "call me, cupcake". WTFF?! I'm not your cupcake and even if you felt it was appropriate to call me that I would have to punch you in the vagina as that is the most offensive nickname you can give a person! UGH. So I ignored it out of spite and he's been IM'ing me, but I've been ignoring those to and really, what can I do to get my point across these days?

My ex, the one where we broke up over text and then he continues to check in every few weeks is still texting and emailing me, even after I told him that us being friends "is not going to happen". And one of the emails he sent me was a reply to an email that I sent him telling him we should go our separate ways!!!!!! How much clearer can I get with these assclowns?? I have just HAD it!

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