Wednesday, August 22, 2007


In Page 6 today:

"DISNEY honchos still plan to turn their made-for-TV hit "High School Musical" into a real movie, but they may have to do it without the TV version's major stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. A tipster says Disney is "only offering them $1 million each. Zac and Vanessa aren't going to do it."

This is pissing me off. These two were nobodies last year and Disney swept in and made them famous with some stupid ass formulaic song and dance bullshit yet they think they can start demanding more money? These KIDS are being offered 1 million dollars each to do a stupid fucking movie that's already had a sequel to it and is aired on TV and that's not enough for them? Is everyone losing their minds??? Is 1 million dollars now nothing, has the economy tanked that bad? When does a fucking teenager get so fucking uppity from doing FUCKING DISNEY MOVIES, that they think they can start making demands like this, like they run the show, like they're Harvey fucking Weinstein?!?! Disney made them famous in one movie, they can certainly find another pair of bland wannabe Lindsay Lohan/BackStreet boy kids who would happily take their spot and be a little more fucking grateful about. If I was Disney I'd tell them to "GO FUCK YOURSELVES" and then I'd also tell Zac Efron's mom that he's gay. REALLY gay. Like HOMO GAY.

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Olivia Lou said...

In reference to Zacky's latest Rolling Stone cover (which I cannot post a picture of because this stupid comment box won't let me post a picture of....fucking asshole comment box).....

I've seen this pose before....on the cover of "Taking It Up The Butt Quartlerly".

Glad you're back, Ranty.
We missed you.