Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is the dumbest "holiday". First of all, if you can't appreciate your assistant/slave and need a day to remind you to, then you're an idiot and don't deserve to have one (what's next DOMESTIC SERVANTS DAY?? UGH I'm annoyed now!), secondly, why are we so fucking PC about it, calling it Administrative Professional's Day?? I mean why can't you just deal with the fact that this is for assistants and secretaries and that's what you are?? Here's your fucking flowers and free lunch, now say thank you and get back to finishing my expenses and picking up my laundry!! And lastly, don't get fucking insulted if I accidentally say "HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL'S DAY" to you. Always remember rule #1, I don't care about you enough to find out what you actually do. Play along and get an afternoon off, for god's sake. Don't be such a baby!

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