Sunday, September 16, 2007


I've been away for a while so i'm coming in on the tail end of this this vanessa hudgens "scandal". I have not seen the pictures, apparently she pays her lawyers on time, but I have been hearing a lot of this lately from disney folks and old people, essentially "we all make mistakes, I just hope she learned her lesson".

WHAT FUCKING MISTAKE?? WHAT FUCKING LESSON?? So she took some nude pictures of herself, big fucking deal. Its not like she skinned a cat or ate a baby for godssake. Nudity is natural and we see it all the time. I guess its ok when a paparazzi gets the picture but not when its taken by the celebrity itself.

I really have no idea who this girl is besides the HSM stuff, but I hope she doesn't think she actually did something wrong just because some moral fatcat told her she did, I hope she has more self esteem than that, but I wouldn't be surprised if all this attention has forced her into an eating disorder.

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